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Pickerington , 43140 OHIO

About Us

Tell and show honor to the stories of veterans from across the Globe!

Encouraging change through the words of our Veterans!

When you think about a veteran, what do you see?

  • A war hero?
  • A person of integrity?
  • A disability?
  • A loved one struggling to see life as a civilian?

By answering these questions and more through this photo documentary project, we want to tell the story of veterans across the globe. According to VA data, there are over 866,000 veterans in Ohio alone[consider adding a reference link here]. Think of the stories; the experiences; the wisdom. This important project will allow our Guardians’ stories to never be forgotten, and for us to honor their service and sacrifice.

Storytelling from a unique perspective, with much respect and honor.

Allowing our veterans’ lives to be documented.

Too often, we do not get to hear the stories of the veterans who served for us. Through the Guardians: Never Forget Their Story photography and documentary project, we aim to change this. Our desire is to provide as many veterans as possible the opportunity to sit in front of the camera so we may document and preserve the history of some the world’s greatest heroes.

Ensuring veterans’ stories are honored and professionally represented.

Involving communities and partners

Our supportive community, originating in Columbus, Ohio, is fast-growing – we look forward to extending the project’s reach to more US states and countries. We are also building a team of production partners to ensure the project can reach and represent as many as possible. We work hard to honor those in front of the camera as well as those who bring them to us.